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Important Billing information

Given the difficulties faced by all during this Pandemic, we would like to advise the following changes in our billing practices at our clinic:

Telehealth consultations are available and bulk billing may be available for this service. Please speak to reception at the time of your booking.

We are generally a privately billing practice to ensure the highest quality patient-centred service however we recognise that there may be times where patients are experiencing financial hardship. Please speak to your doctor and bulk billing or reduced fee may be available for your consultation.

If you have have symptoms such as Fever, Cough, Sore Throat, or Breathlessness, or been with someone who has, please avoid contact with other people, do not go into crowded places or take public transport.

Do not attend your General Practice. Please call the clinic on 8330 3900 and speak with reception staff or call Health Direct on 1800 675 398 where a Public Health Doctor will triage and assess you and refer to Emergency Department if necessary.


Flu Vaccines are now available. Please phone Reception on 8330 3900 to find out more and make an appointment.

Asthma & Spirometry Tests

Over 2 million people in Australia have asthma – approximately 40 000 end up in hospital each year and many more say their quality of life is lower because of their asthma.

Regular check-ups are important to help you to make sure your asthma is optimally managed. We have started a new clinic for people aged over 16 to help with that. The consultation will take around 45 minutes and includes a specialised test to check your lung function called spirometry, a consultation with a GP and development of a personalised asthma management plan. Medicare rebates are available for this service.

asthma puffer
asthma symptoms

Please ring reception to arrange an appointment on 03 8330 3900

Before you attend your appointment, it is important that you read the attached instructions for the lung function test, including information about the use of your asthma medications prior to the test.

Download Spirometry Information Forms:
Getting ready for Spirometry (pdf)
Patient Information Sheet (pdf)

Please bring all your asthma medications, inhalers and spacers to your appointment.

Please ring the clinic and reschedule your appointment if you are unwell.

We look forward to helping you optimise the management of your asthma and reduce the risk of complications.