Medical services

Comprehensive Health Care
Our priority is to establish and maintain wellness. We ideally try to allow time to both address your reason for attending and address preventative health priorities.

Illness Prevention
We are motivated to help prevent illness. We actively screen to try to reduce the onset of diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, breast and bowel cancer, glaucoma, osteoporosis, skin cancer, liver disease etc. We recommend booking for a Health Check today.

Chronic disease care and Care Plans
We specialise in care planning to support people living with chronic diseases (e.g. Diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, kidney disease etc). Under a care plan Medicare provides financial assistance to attend an allied health worker (dietician, physiotherapist, podiatrist) for people with chronic illness.

Mental Health Care and GP Mental Health Care Plans
Our doctors are all experienced in managing mental health care problems. This includes Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Psychosis, Grief, Relationship breakdowns to name a few. We prescribe medications and can develop GP mental health care plans to enable access to Medicare funds to help pay to see a counsellor.

Student Health and Special Consideration
Most of the doctors at Carlton Family Medical have previously worked at University Health Services and understand the health needs of students well.

Travel Advice and Vaccinations
Going overseas? Discuss your travel health risks and vaccination requirements with us. We stock the most important vaccines to cover travel and order other vaccines within 24 hours. We are an authorised Yellow Fever and Q-fever immunisation centre.

Quit Smoking/ Drug/ Alcohol support and advice
We all prescribe medications to support smokers to quit and heavy drinkers to maintain abstinence.

Skin checks and removal of skin lesions
All our doctors can assess and manage skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, sun damage) and assess skin lesions. Dr Tadross has a special interest in removing skin lesions.

Sexual Health and Contraception
We can provide full STI testing and advice. We recall women for routine Cervical Screening. We can discuss contraception choices and insert Implanon. We provide pregnancy counselling and advice about managing an unwanted pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Pre-pregnancy care
All our doctors like to see women prior to pregnancy for pre-conception health assessments. We can all confirm pregnancy and refer to specialists for pregnancy care. In addition Dr Conway and Dr Spiroulias provide Shared Obstetrics Care in association with the Public Obstetrics Hospitals.

Baby Checks and Child Health
All our doctors are experienced in caring for sick children. In addition we perform child health checks and immunisations.