Pathology and Results

Melbourne Pathology has a staffed collection centre based on the ground floor at Carlton Family Medical.

Open from 8.30 am until 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Entrance to Melbourne Pathology is via the Main entrance to the surgery then follow the signs to Melbourne Pathology which is left along the corridor behind reception. Take a seat and please take a number on arrival to ensure you are seen in the order of your arrival.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have Medicare number or Overseas Student Health Cover or Private Visitor Insurance number written on the pathology request form Melbourne Pathology will charge a flat fee of $150 for all pathology tests.


The doctors at Carlton Family Medical prefer all test results are given in person; to the individual having the test; by the doctor who organised the test. The reasons for this are as follows; If a test results fails to reach your doctor (sample mislaid, incorrect sample collected, results not received or results sent to the wrong surgery) your doctor may not realise the result is outstanding and your important abnormal result may be missed.

Investigations are an important component of a medical assessment. They are expensive and cost Medicare an significant proportion of the health care dollar. It is important you understand what has been tested to avoid duplication at a later date. Also it is helpful if you understand the significance and implications of the result. Even negative test results are significant. Appointments to discuss results are an opportunity to manage the implications of your results and for health promotion activities to be discussed and incorporated in your care.

All HIV results must be given face to face and requires a follow up appointment by the doctor.


Pathology results are almost always returned within 7 days of having the test. Radiology tests also usually take up to seven days to return despite what the individual radiology service provider indicates. Please do not phone our reception staff to check if your results are available. Due to privacy constraints the reception staff do not have access into your medical files. If your results are not available by the time of your consultation seven days after the test, we can chase these up for you at the consultation and if the situation necessitates we can phone you later with the result if it is not available at this time.